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SCUBA Dive with the most personalized diving operation in Playa del Carmen and Tulum!


Learning to SCUBA dive with Blue Life in Playa del Carmen is easy and fun.  There are great reefs and cenotes in the area that will allow you to get a ton of different diving experience in just a few days.  Once you are done with the Open Water Diver course, you can dive anywhere in the world!


The entire Riviera Maya looks like Swiss cheese when seen from above.  Thousands of water filled holes, called “cenotes”, provide access to the underground rivers. Giving us, scuba divers, a very unique opportunity to explore a new and beautiful cave/cavern environment.

Snorkelers with a Turtle in Akumal

There are amazing snorkeling sites around Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  Snorkeling the cenotes will let you swim in the incredible underground tunnels the Mayan’s called Xibalba. You can also go to Akumal where you can swim with dozens of Green and Hawksbill turtles in a protected bay.

Diver in A Sidemount Scuba Diving configuration.

Sidemount diving is becoming very popular with divers from all experience levels.  One of Blue Life’s founders, Frank, had the privilege of writing the TDI Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver course and a PADI Sidemount distinctive. For the training we use top of the line XDeep Stealth 2.0 harnesses and Apeks XTX 50 regulators.

Learn to become a Cave Diver

Looking to expand your diving horizons? The TDI Cave Diver course is one of the most challenging courses in diving. During the training, one of our very experienced Full Cave Instructors will show you all about buoyancy control, trim, diver awareness, problem management, zero visibility, complex navigation, and many other topics.

Blue Life was awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014

We are very happy that you are considering becoming part of the Blue Life family.  The amazing people that dive with us love their experiences.   Please read what they have to say about diving with Blue Life on Tripadvisor.

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