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Advanced Open Water Course

The SDI or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the certification for divers who want to further their education and experience, and are already certified as Open Water. It is an exciting way to get a taste of some of the Specialty Courses we offer like drift diving in currents, diving on shipwrecks, and fine tuning your buoyancy skills. This course will prepare you for a range of different dive experiences and will qualify you to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 100ft/30m.  During training you will complete the obligatory Deep Dive and a Navigation dive along with 3 other dives of your choice.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course will take 2 days.  You will also receive a digital manual to read for the course.  After this course, you will be ready to participate in Rescue Diver, Overhead Environment, and Technical courses.

diver Course pricing includes all learning materials, certification fees, park entrance fees, snacks, water, and diving equipment.

 Here is a description of some of the dives you can do.

  • Deep Dive – During this dive we dive to a depth of more than 60ft/18m and to a maximum depth of 100ft/30m.  We will talk about how the greater pressure affects us, how light behaves at depth, and how our air consumption changes as depth does, as well as the potential effect of Nitrogen Narcosis.
  • Underwater Navigation – This dive is all about enhancing your navigational abilities during dives using compass techniques and natural underwater references.
  • Drift Dive – This dive is all about preparing you for diving in currents.  We will talk about safety equipment, buoyancy control, and what creates currents, as well as some practice using an inflatable marker buoy. This is recommended as most diving in this area can involve strong currents.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – Your instructor will teach you some of the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ gathered over thousands of dives to help give you the essential advanced skills to better enjoy many other types of diving.
  • Fish Identification – You will not only learn the common names of the fish you see on the reefs of the Caribbean but also the techniques to identify many of the fish you will encounter on future dive trips around the world.
  • Night – A dive to prepare you for the techniques required to safely dive after dark. Your instructor will also give you an insight into the subtle differences that you may observe when diving at night.

Course Details

  • Dives 5
  • Days 2
  • Price$380
  • Prereqs In order to enroll, you must be 12 years old and an Open Water Diver.

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