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Discover SCUBA Diving

This is the first step in experiencing the amazing underwater world! The Discover SCUBA Diving program allows you to take a peek at the underwater life on the reefs that make the Riviera Maya a worldwide diving vacation destination. During this introductory (or Resort) diving program, your instructor will introduce you to the basic equipment required for your ocean (or open-water cenote) dive and lead you through the basic things you need to feel safe and comfortable while SCUBA diving. You will then get into the water for the very first time in our pool or shallow water site, so you can get a feel for how easy and relaxing it is to breathe underwater.  After the shallow water session, we will head to the open water for your first dive, either an easy boat dive or an exciting open water cenote dive.  Here you will see for the very first time all shapes, sizes and colors of aquatic life that you could never imagine existed and in doing so you will start to understand why scuba diving fascinates all of those involved. After the dive, your instructor will help you identify and name all of the exotic creatures you saw during your experience.

Discover Scuba Diving is a full day and involves a short briefing, the shallow water session, and one or two open water dives.  The experience starts around 9 am and ends around 4:30 pm. This dive counts as the first step in getting your SCUBA certification, the Open Water Diver Course.

diver Course pricing includes all learning materials, certification fees, park entrance fees, snacks, water, and diving equipment.

Course Details

  • Dives 1 or 2
  • Days 1/2
  • Price$120 + $50 for additional dives
  • Prereqs You have to be at least 10 years old to participate.

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