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Normoxic Trimix 65

If you are looking to exceed the depth limits of diving air and Nitrox, the TDI Trimix or PADI Trimix 65 course is a great way to achieve your goal! Trimix is a great introduction to breathing a blend of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium, used to perform technical dives up to 200ft/60m in the safest manner, thus reducing your levels of narcosis. We will talk about the advantages and physiological properties of helium as breathing gas and evaluate how Trimix behaves during decompression. You will now start using multiple staged decompression tanks and will have to perform gas switches at depth to maximize the efficiency of decompression.

This course is made up of 4 decompression dives over 3 days with a minimum of 100 minutes total bottom time, of which you will perform two dives deeper than 130ft/40m. Although the TDI and PADI courses are similar, there are some differences in standards/prerequisites. Prior to starting you can choose which course you want to follow and which certification card to receive. After this course, you will be ready to continue your training with the TDI or PADI Advanced Trimix courses.

diver Course pricing includes all learning materials, certification fees, transportation during training, park entrance fees, snacks, water, and technical diving equipment. You are only responsible for: mask, fins, wet/dry suit, computers, and a sunny attitude!

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