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The Blue Life Technical team has been deep diving all over the world and we have only found one place perfect for technical diver training. The Riviera Maya offers an incredible environment for training divers in a deep and decompression techniques. The waters here are warm, clear, and conducive for learning. There are plenty of locations to practice Tec skills in shallow water before the decompression dives but the real beauty is what you find deep in this area. The coastline here runs just a few meters from the Cozumel Trench, a 3000 foot/1000 meter deep fracture that separates Cozumel from the mainland. This crack allows us to dive deep with some incredible animals like hammerhead sharks and big schools of jacks. We also have access to a few sinkholes which are very deep. These are not sparkling with as much life as the ocean, but they serve a great purpose in training technical divers as there are fewer distractions than in the open ocean.
At Blue life we offer TDI and PADI courses ranging from Introduction to Tec all the way through Trimix Instructor. This type of diving is incredible and will make you a one in a million diver.

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