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Chac Mool

Chac Mool (Mayan God of water) is located in Puerto Aventuras and is the closest cavern dive to Playa del Carmen. This dive site is one of the few that offers 2 completely different dives within the same park. The first dive is usually completed in the Kukulcan cenote. During this dive you will experiment with the mixture of salt and fresh waters, called a halocline. The second dive at this site normally takes you from the Little Brother cenote to the main Chac Mool cenote and back. This dive takes you past some beautiful formations and into an airdrome where you can surface and talk to fellow divers. It is suitable for beginners but extra care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the fragile formations.

Site Details

  • Depth 50ft / 15m
  • Level Open Water Certified
  • Type Cave, Snorkeling, Cavern/Cenotes
  • Prereqs You must be an Open Water Diver for the Cavern Dives and a Cave Diver for all Cave Dives.

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