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Zapote/Hells Bells

This is an amazing dive for experienced divers looking for something different.  Cenote Zapote, or Hells Bells, is a deep sink hole cenote with amazing bell-shaped formations, therefore excellent buoyancy control is essential to remain within depth limits and to protect the fragile environment.  The edge of the cenote is about 6m/20ft above the water level, and is accessible by stairs. The walls of the cenote rise above you like a fortress and as you descend they become more narrow until a depth of 20m/66ft, when it opens back up.  At a depth of 30m/100ft you arrive at the debris pile, which you can circle around through the halocline and a thin misty layer of hydrogen sulfide floating on top of it.  Above and around you will be some of the most amazing and incredible formations commonly described as bells, elephant feet, shower heads or trumpets, they will truly take your breath away.

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