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Moc-Che Deep

Moc-che Deep is a sheer wall located in North Playa del Carmen that drops from 21 m/70 ft to 30 m/100 ft. This place is perfect for a drift dive because of the variable but constant current.  You can easily cover between 600 m to 1 km of the reef wall on a 35 to 45 minute dive.  The wall is cut in several sections by sand channels that descend gradually from the top of the wall to the bottom.  In these sand channels, it is very easy to see huge stingrays, turtles as well as Bull sharks during winter.  At the top of the wall, there are several large barrel sponges where many little crustaceans live. This reef runs parallel to a sandy bottom where is very common to see eagle rays and Loggerhead turtles. 

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