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Pared Verde

Pared Verde, or Green Wall, is located between Moc-che Deep and Los Arcos. At the beginning of the dive, you will see a horseshoe-shaped coral formation, which is the home of a big school of Horse-eye jacks.  At this point, the wall begins at 25 m/80 ft and drops down to 33 m/110 ft.  The wall is covered with many varieties of coral and has quite a large population of lionfish because of its depth.  You are able to see (and potentially contain) large specimens in this area. There are also many little caverns, which are home to Spotted Morays, Green Morays and groupers, as well as schools of migrating fish like Barracuda, Hogfish and Kingfish.  At the end of the dive there is a chimney which you can swim through to end up back to 25m/80ft in order to start a multi-level ascent and perform a safety stop.

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