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Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery gets its name from the animal bones that are spread out throughout the cavern. It is located within the Dos Ojos Park and is one of the shallowest sites in the area with maximum depths barely breaking 20 ft/6mt.

Seeing the Blue Abyss is something every cave diver should wish to accomplish. This almost bottomless pit is a long way from the Pet Cemetery cenote but is well worth the swim. The top of this chamber is very shallow but its bottom is past the 330ft/100mt mark. Once you are below the halocline found at 50 ft/18mt the cave’s distant walls look a bright royal blue. Although logistically difficult, deep Trimix dives are possible here with the proper training. There are 2 principal ways to get to the Blue Abyss. The first is the Diaz Line and is recommended for divers using backmounted doubles. With a decent swim pace, it takes about 50 minutes to get to Blue Abyss. The second way to get there is using the X Line. This is a much shorter route that only takes about 35 minutes but is only adequate for divers in a Sidemount configuration since there is a major restriction along the way. Both passages are extremely beautiful, very decorated, and contain restrictions. Due to the fragile nature of the decorations found here, this site is only suitable for experienced cave divers with excellent buoyancy control and trim. Although you can get very deep inside the Blue Abyss, the average depth for the rest of the dive is 40ft/12mt.

Site Details

  • Depth Deep! but the average is 30 ft / 10 m
  • Level Full Cave
  • Type Cave, Snorkeling
  • Prereqs Cave Diver for all Cave Dives.

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