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Punta Sur (Devil’s throat)

This is a very impressive, deep wall dive that is best to be explored in two dives. The site’s name describes a narrow tunnel lined with red sponges, located inside the area’s largest coral mound.  At 18m/60ft you can enter the cavern which gradually narrows, which is the opening of the “throat.”  This takes you from 24m/80ft at a 45 degree angle, down to the deep blue exit at 40m/130 ft.  The swim only last a few seconds but it is an incredible experience.  Good buoyancy is essential in order to avoid damaging the coral.  Once outside the “throat” another entrance leads to a chamber known as “Little Cathedral,” where light illuminates an impressive cross-shaped sponge.  On top of the reef during your safety stop we are often entertained by a few Southern stingrays.

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