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Tortugas, as the name suggests, is a feeding area for turtles.  It is a sandy slope that descends from 16m/52ft to 40m/130ft. It is the perfect place to do a gradual descent or ascent all the way from 40m/130ft to 16m/52ft with lots to see at all times. Tortugas is situated parallel to Barracuda and Sabalos, and is nicely decorated with barrel sponges and hard corals. At the end of this dive you can typically find a school of Tarpon, which at times the school can reach up to 200 individuals.

Site Details

  • Depth 52 ft / 16 m - 130 ft / 40 m
  • Level All levels
  • Type Snorkeling, Playa del Carmen
  • Prereqs Open Water Diver

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