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The Yucatan Peninsula is world famous for its flooded caves. The largest submerged cave system in the world (Ox Bel Ha, 144miles/231km of explored passages) is found just south of Tulum. Some of the most decorated tunnels on the planet can be found by diving just a few minutes into the caves. Typical dive sites in the area are relatively shallow (40ft/12mt) but some caves offer dives deeper than 330ft/100mt.
You must be a certified Full Cave Diver to participate in cave dives.

Cave diving is truly Blue Life’s passion.

We continually explore and map new caves, and diving them is our strongest expertise. Our obsession with safety, awareness, and cave conservation means you will enjoy spectacular dives while staying well within your limits and comfort zone.

“Every field of human endeavor from Tiddlywinks to space exploration has its champions and its marks for human endurance and achievement. Without them there would be little or no human progress for we would have nothing to measure our efforts by or encourage us to try harder. It is difficult to imagine any aspect of our lives that is not enhanced by competition, the drive to excel and the recognition of excellence.”
~ Sheck Exley.
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