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The entire Riviera Maya looks like Swiss cheese when seen from above. There are thousands of holes on the ground providing access to the underground rivers. These holes, called “cenotes”, provide a very unique opportunity for scuba divers to explore a new environment. The cavern dives between Playa del Carmen and Tulum are absolutely amazing. They range in difficulty to accommodate beginner through expert divers.

During Cavern dives we will always stay within the natural light provided by the sun and no more than 200ft/60mt from the cenote entrance. All of the cavern dive sites that we visit have permanent guidelines installed. Since we will always swim along these guidelines, you will have a visual reference that will lead to the exit at all times.

At Blue Life, we have an impeccable safety and customer service record. To ensure you have an incredible time, you will dive in a group with no more than 4 people and with a very experienced guide that will take care of all your dive needs.

To dive our beautiful caverns, you must be certified as an Open Water Diver.

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