Dive Site Talk: Cozumel – Colombia

Diver swimming on reef on Cozumel.

Colombia Deep

Depth – 40m/130ft
Level – Advanced
Prerequisites – Advanced Open Water Diver or 25 Dives

This is another one of the classic wall dives in Cozumel.  Colombia is distinctive for its towering pinnacles and sand chutes that reach out into the abyss. Moving with the current you will find passing pelagic species and sea turtles.  The astonishing landscape is decorated with soft coral and sponges of all colors.  A slow ascent will bring you to the top of the reef where you can spot Southern stingrays.

Colombia Shallow

Depth – 12m/40ft
Level – All Levels
Prerequisites – Open Water Diver

Colombia shallow is situated in a turquoise blue bay with shallow depth and mild currents. You will find Elkhorn and Pilar corals in the shallows and there are a series of small canyons that are inhabited by schools of snappers and grunts as well as many other reef fish. The water’s visibility, marine life and shallowness will give you the sensation of being in a giant aquarium.


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