Dive Site Talk: Playa del Carmen – Mama Viña

Mama Viña Shipwreck in Playa del Carmen

Mama Viña

Depth – 30m/100ft
Level – Advanced
Prerequisites – Advanced Open Water Diver or 25 Dives

The Mama Viña is an old shrimping boat that was intentionally sunk for divers by Xcaret Park in 1995. Since then, coral has been growing over the boat creating an artificial reef.  To find the site, your guide might need to locate it first from the surface and assess the current, as you may need to start you dive slightly up current to drift onto the wreck on your descent.  We typically begin the dive at the stern of the boat, where you can see lobsters and moray eels using the propeller as a hiding place.  You then continue your dive circling the wreck, going nice and slow so you can look inside the rooms and see schools of silvery fish inside.  Be sure to continue looking in the blue and in the surrounding sand for Garden eels, Southern stingrays, and Spotted Eagle rays.  This dive is great to do with Nitrox to extend your bottom time so you can enjoy every part of the wreck, before ascending slowly to make your safety stop drifting along in the blue.

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