How do I start freediving training?

Freediver Fede descending head first in Cenote Maravilla

Test your own limits and begin to develop in a sport created in millennial times that you can achieve if you dedicate yourself to freediving. The best of all is that you can do it near the most important and beautiful underwater archaeological sites on the planet, Tulum or Playa del Carmen.

Also known as “apnea”, Freediving is a sport that has been practiced for more than 10 thousand years BC, in the area of the Baltic Sea. After that, the instruments and modalities with which we know it today were added.

America has one of the best places to practice it, an area full of crystal clear waters, low surface mysteries and a spectacular climate. It’s about the Riviera Maya.

Freediving is a discipline in which proper breathing, muscle relaxation and proper handling of the marine environment become your main weapons. An experience that will take your adrenaline to the next level and that will present you to the ocean as you have never seen it.

What are the modalities:

There are 8 styles of this sport today, these are endorsed by the AIDA (International Association for Development of Freediving). constant weight without fins, constant weight, dynamic without fins, dynamic with fins, static apnea, free immersion, variable weight and no limit. The most practiced are the last three.

Free Immersion: The freedriver dives underwater without the use of propulsion equipment, but only by pulling on the rope during the ascent and descent. Some experts guarantee that sports get the purest sensations because of the speed of the water in the body.

Variable Weight: People descends with the help of a ballast weight and ascends using his owns strength. Was the first of both depth disciplines using a sled to go down in the water.

No Limit: The freedriver descends with the help of a ballast weight, and ascends by the method of his choice. For the experts, this one is the most exciting and demanding discipline of freediving. The most importants worlds records have been achieved in this category.

It is normal that we want to go into the water quickly, looking for adventure, underwater challenges and best of all, to know what is far from our eyes, but when we practice Freediving it is necessary to follow these tips, so that your experience is the best of all.

This is a sport that demands teamwork. This is the golden rule of freediving, the reasons? It is much safer, you cover your back with the person who supervises the security system on land and in the water, it is more fun to have a “partner in crime” to enjoy.

The sea helps us, you also help the sea

We must understand that the environment in which this discipline is practiced, is one that can overtake us, so we must be cautious when entering the water, but most importantly, respect it, do not leave trash, do not disturb the marine species that we find, etc.

Good physical condition
With this we do not say that you must be a high performance athlete, but that your physical condition is apt to expose your body to unusual conditions when you practice freediving. The breathing exercises on land, are essential for the moment of entering the water, in this way your technique will be much more refined.

Have fun!
Remember that each dive you do to enter another world. Then, enjoy these unique moments, not everything is about effort and achieve brands, on the contrary. It lies in finding a special environment, in getting a complicity between your body and the water, all this will take you to have a good time.

Take your mind to quiet places
When your mind visits places where you find peace, remember pleasant sounds and memories that made you happy, relaxing is much easier. Each moment of tension requires the muscles, greater energy and oxygen amounts, although they may seem small, in this sport can make a difference. So leave your problems out of the water and when it’s time to immerse yourself Relax!

Freediving Course

Freediving requires that the people who practice it minimize the risks. To achieve this there is no better way than receiving a complete course, with experts, who teach you to put on the scale, the fun, safety and most important techniques of this sport.

BlueLife has the best courses, in the beautiful area of Los Cenotes. Click here for more information! A course of 5 to 7 hours, it will be enough for you to know the best tactics to immerse yourself in a totally new world and that will mark your life, do not hesitate and welcome to freediving!

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