How many dives do you need for open water certification?

Scuba diver entering the water

See a coral close up, live in the habitat of the most beautiful fish, visit the caves, underwater or get close to the sunken ships that became the home of an infinity of marine life. Do you hear great? And in fact it is, but to do it calmly we must have a diver certification in open waters.

We must take into account that although we are talking about a whole show, diving requires several skills that can be developed. It is like any other sport, although you have never practiced it, you can train to become an expert and for this discipline there are certification courses.

If you have the desire to explore a totally new world and do not have major health problems, avoid diving, do not wait any longer.

Best of all, you can do it in Tulum or Playa del Carmen, two of the most spectacular places in the Riviera Maya. Areas full of sun, clear and clear waters, a lot of emotion. In these areas you can find different ecosystems, which not only offer the variety, but also the conditions suitable for different modalities, depending on which one you want.

Speaking of modalities, it is important that before you dive into the water, you define well how far you want to go. With this we refer to the level you want to reach, since there are not only courses for beginners, medium and advanced, but also for different styles of diving.

What does the election depend on?
Actually, there is no golden rule that tells you what is the modality you should follow. Since they are so varied, it will only depend on the taste, the time you have to prepare and the effort you will put into the preparation.

Trust yourself
Many people believe that divers are beings from another planet, that their skills was born and that this is a practice that cannot be learned with work. Fortunately this is a flat lie, you just have to present the best of the willingness to learn, lose the fear of water and follow the instructions of your instructor to the letter.


Although we could say that this preparation is divided into three major phases:

SDI O PADI Scuba Diver Course is part of the open water diving course, most important for people who are just beginning to practice this sport. In this phase you will find all the bases you must know before going to the water.

The great advantage of this phase is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. SDI OR PADI Scuba Diver Course has an eLearning version, in this way you can advance your learning and take it at your own pace, guaranteeing that it will not become a burden.

Safe place
The second part of the certification is carried out in the safety of a swimming pool. You should not underestimate what you work and learn in this phase of preparation, since everything is a recreation of what you will do in open water.

At this time you will begin to relate to the specific equipment for diving. Not only how they look, but also what they are for and ways to optimize their use when you are below the water. However that is not the only thing, you can also perfect the technique, so that the movements in open water are fully mechanized.

The moment arrives!
Once the first two steps are completed, it is time to start learning about the exciting marine world. But in the same way it will be done gradually, starting in shallow waters and in which clarity is your main companions. To then be able to reach the permitted depth of 40ft / 12m. This will undoubtedly take you to places you had never imagined and will make all the effort of preparation worthwhile.

It does not matter if you are an expert or a novice, there are basic security measures that you must follow before diving:

  • Do not drink alcohol before diving.
  • Be well hydrated.
  • Eat a light breakfast.
  • Rest well in the previous night.
  • Never dive alone.
  • Have prior knowledge about the area in which you will venture.

It is worth remembering that people with pressure problems are not suitable for this practice, nor are pregnant women or patients suffering from epileptic seizures.

Finally, it is not recommended that people who practiced diving in open water, fly by plane 24 hours after submersion.

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