How to Become a Certified Scuba Diver

Scuba divers happy after completing their PADI Course in Playa del Carmen

Diving is a sport that year after year, gains more followers. It is not difficult to understand why, since in addition to being a highly recreational activity, it also allows us to know unimaginable worlds and species that we will never forget. The best way to do it, is with the scuba diver certification.

Contrary to what many people think, this is not just an activity reserved for people who live near the beaches. Many of the great divers have been born in cities that do not have access to the sea, but the different modalities with which diving counts, even allows you to develop in a pool.

Diving offers three great advantages to the people who practice them. This differentiates it from a simple hobby and makes your practice much more attractive, this will motivate you to get the diver certification:

Release stress
Someone could say, “that’s what any sport does” and they are right, but this is not only done by physical activity, but also by the environment that it takes you. In addition, we must remember that correct breathing is necessary, another of the items that by itself, is one of the best remedies to reduce stress.

It can be practiced as a family
Like most activities, they are best enjoyed when practiced with family or friends. Since the best places to dive are in tourist places, nothing better than a trip to the beach with the family and also you can practice your favorite sport.

Different habitat
Paradisaical places, animals and marine flora of dream. All that you can find when you become a certified diver.

Modalities for a certified diver

Up to 6 types of open water diving you can learn in BlueLife. To obtain certification in this specialty, you must complete a two-day training.

Deep Dive
During this dive we dive to a depth of more than 60ft/18m and to a maximum depth of 100ft/30m.

Enriched Air Dive
This is a great dive to couple with the deep dive above. You will learn all about adding a little more oxygen to your tank to be able to stay down longer and have shorter surface interval.

Underwater Navigation
This dive is all about enhancing your navigational abilities during dives using compass techniques and natural underwater references.

Drift Dive
This dive is all about preparing you for diving in currents.

Peak Performance Buoyancy
With this type of dive, you learn son tricks thats you help, for know open water.

Fish Identification
You will not only learn the common names of the fish you see on the reefs of the Caribbean but also the techniques to identify

Phases of the course

The courses are divided into a theoretical part, this can be done from the comfort of your home, as it has an eLearning platform, so you can not only do it at your own pace, but you will not have to interrupt the walk in this area.

After that you go overboard, but in a controlled area. The pool is so specific that you can automate the movements, so that you can become familiar with the team and know in detail the team communication you should have.

This is how you will get to practice in open waters. You must also choose the mode you want, this to specialize in it. After completing the requirements of your instructor, you will have to return to the store to finish the process and in the end you will be a diver certified by SDI or PADI Open Water Diver Course.

This certification will enable you to dive with a buddy, anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 60ft/18m. The course includes the student manual, equipment, certification (once you complete requirements), snacks, water, park entrance/boat fees, and some great laughs.

So do not think about it any more, you’re about to take the best decision of your life, to practice a different sport, that will help your recreation and that will show you a totally new world for your senses. Click here! and know the process to details to certify you, something you will never forget.

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