Bull Shark Dive

Only available Nov 15 – March 15.  Are you a shark lover and adventure seeker?


Duration: November - February 28th

Experience Level: Advanced Open Water diver or 25 logged dives (must have dived in last 12 months)

Dive Type: Ocean/Deep

What's included? 2 dives (1 with Sharks, 1 one reef), snacks, water, park entrance/boat fees, and tons of smiles (mostly from the sharks).

The meetup point for this trip is our Playa del Carmen store.  If you are staying in Tulum, please arrange transportation to Playa del Carmen. 

Morning trips meet at 7:45 am and are finished around  11:30 am.
Afternoon trips meet at noon and are usually done at 4:30 pm.

Includes 1 dive with the sharks and another on the reefs.

Every year, from mid/end November through February, a significant population of pregnant Bull Sharks migrate to the waters of Quintana Roo just off the coast of Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes north of Tulum.  Bull Sharks are able to survive in both fresh and salt water, and it is believed that the females are attracted to the fresh water streaming from the cenotes into the ocean, hoping to find a nursing ground for their young once they are born. We are lucky enough to be able to encounter the Bull Sharks and stingrays while diving very close to the beach in Playa del Carmen. We descend straight down onto a sandy bottom at a depth of 80 ft/24 m. Once settled on the bottom you can relax and enjoy these amazing creatures as the swim around us, and as they are naturally curious they can get quite close. This dive is definitely well-suited for shark lovers and adventure seekers, and if you are visiting in-season it is not to be missed!

We conduct only the Bull Shark observation dive, we do not participate in any feeding.  Additionally we avoid the area while the sharks are being fed by others.

The Bull Shark Dive is an incredible adventure and definitely an adrenaline rush. Our professional instructors will guide you though the whole process to ensure you are safe at all times. At Blue Life, we prioritize safety and conservation above all.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Edmundson

    We just finished our second trip diving with Blue life. On the first trip they set us up with some great guides that took us to some beautiful cenotes, diving with bull sharks, a night dive and some great reef dives. On the second trip I completed the cavern course with Hugo. He was an amazingly effective, kind and patient instructor. I left there with huge improvements in my knowledge and skills. This truly is top notch instruction. I will definitely choose Blue Life again for the Intro to Cave and Full Cave courses in the future. Valentina took us on some fun dives in the cenotes, a night dive and a wreck dive in Cozumel. She provided amazing pre-dive briefings and really ensured a great dive experience. She also did an excellent job instructing my partner with her wreck dive specialty. What I like best about Blue Life is that they always keep the groups very small and they employ only top tier guides. Definitely the best dive shop I have ever been to.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Big Jump

    Friendly staff who spoke English. Took us diving with bull sharks.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    amazing trip best scuba dive center in playa de carmen ,, i went with blue life for two days last week first day was shark dive , it was amazing , second day was in Cenote Dos Ojos they have great stuff and equipments , i really like it they are very professional One of the best diving experiences I\'ve had

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Experience They are great and very nice and responsible. Small groups. Valentina is the best. The other staff is fantastic too.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great divecenter, even better guides! We had 10 dives with these guys, including Cozumel sites, a bullshark dive, and 6 different cenotes. All of them were perfect, and our guides and contact persons were professional, yet friendly and very flexible. We thank Leo, Misa, Hugo and Pepe for the good time and dives we had. The center is at a good location, close to the sea, it has good wifi, and nitrox and 15l tanks are complementary We had some rescheduling because the wind made the sea too wavey for diving, but we had constant updates from bluelife. They don\'t do the bullshark feeding, so we decided to do this with a different divecenter and I do recommend the feeding if you are a shark enthusiast. Other than that, they are a perfect choice for all types of diving

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ava B

    Best Dive Family in Mexico! I am a 17 year old diver and on my trip with Blue Life, I was getting my Nitrox and Side-Mount certifications. Before we even made it to Mexico, Blue Life was beyond helpful with my education and my online work. They worked easily and efficiently to help me get all my paperwork arranged, and when I showed up at the shop they gave me a warm welcome like I had already dove with them before. Their dive sites were beyond beautiful. My first dives were in the cenotes (my first freshwater dives!) and Hugo was amazingly patient and caring as I struggled with Side-Mount. When my goggles wouldn\'t clear underwater, he gave me his. And when I mentioned how much I wanted a shark dive, they arranged it so I could go on one the next day! Every member of the Blue Life staff is amazing, friendly, and welcoming. They are so trustworthy my mom let me dive alone for the first time, and had no worries the following dives after that (Which is saying something, as I\'m sure other parents know)! I am so excited for my next trip to Mexico purely because I can\'t wait to dive with Blue Life again, for hopefully many many years to come. If you\'re thinking about diving, choose Blue Life!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Beyond our expectations! Blue Life really walks that extra mile for their customers. Me and my friend were looking for a dive center where we could have a private guide or at least be in a very small group with experienced divers. Blue life delivered beyond our expectations. The owner Frank arranged everything we wanted and together with our guide Pepe we got to see bull sharks and the cenotes and I could not have felt more safe despite my lack of experience in diving in caverns and darkness. Pepe did not only guide us, he also taught me a lot and made our whole diving experience so much fun. He even brought me some of his private gear to make my diving more comfortable. I can truly recommend Blue Life!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    carolyn M.

    Can\'t say enough good things about the whole crew at Blue Life! I went on a few dives with them while in Playa. Vale completed my open water certification, she was top notch. Super sweet, organized and a great instructor. I enjoyed my time with her and felt very competent once completed. Hugo took me and my partner Bull Shark Diving. It was amazing, he was a great dive master and found the sharks right away. He did a great job ensuring that everyone was safe at all times. Blue Life does not chum the water which I so appreciate. It allows you to appreciate the sharks in their natural habitat and is a truly tranquil experience. We chose to shark dive with them specifically because of that. This dive shop prioritizes safety above all which helps to put you at ease. The instructors and dive masters are amazing. Can\'t recommend them highly enough

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jess H

    Wonderful Dive Company Blue Life are a fantastic dive company and I\'d highly recommend them! They communicated well with me in the lead up to my dives and it was easy to arrange dive sites tailored to what I was looking for. The staff are all super friendly and professional- I always felt safe diving with them. I would highly recommend \'The Pit\' cenote dive and the Bull Sharks dives if in season! Thank you

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jussi T

    Great service! We did the AOWD course (our deep dive was a shark dive, a great idea from the staff and special thanks for that) and a cenote dive through Blue life. Excellent service. I\'d highly recommend!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim D

    Amazing Shark Diving Unbelievable! My wife and I had three wonderful days of diving. My wife is relatively new to diving and Sarah, Fernanda, and Hugo were extremely caring and sensitive to her concerns. All the dives had different highlights, but if you haven\'t dove with the bull sharks it has to be put on your bucket list with Bluelife. Fernanda scheduled our dive days so that the waves were minimal during our visit and this made a great difference in our dives. Hugo dove with us in Akumal and they were two great dives followed by amazingly tasty tacos at El Arbolito.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome Experience Had a great time diving with my husband, some friends, and dive master Hugo! We dive with bull sharks! We were never in any danger. It was an awesome experience! Blue Life provided a safe, professional, and fun day. Highly recommend! We will be back!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    An Excellent Adventure! We dove for three days with Blue Life and had a wonderful experience. Fernanda, Sarah and Hugo are awesome. They are friendly, professional and very caring. My husband is an experienced diver and I am a relative newbie and they took us on dives that fit both of us. The highlight was diving with the bull sharks off Playa del Carmen, but the two dives we did in Akumal seeing the turtles were great as well. I highly recommend this company!

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris R

    Great experience! Was originally planning on diving for two days during my week in mexico, but I ended up diving for 3 days, 6 dives in total which ends up being the \"taste of the mayan riviera\" package. If you\'ve never dove in the area I would definitely recommend it although they have packages to fit whatever your taste. I did 2 dives in cozumel, 2 in playa (including a bull shark dive!!!) And then 2 cenote dives at the pit and dos Ojos. All the dives were amazing. Dove with Hugo all 3 days and Fernanda joined us on the last day. Thoroughly enjoyed their professionalism and experience! Definitely would dive with blue life again!!!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike M

    Crazy Good Diving with Amazing team I went for 4 days of diving with the Blue Life team, with the planning done by Fernanda and Alex, and Hugo leading the dives. I took several courses for the Advanced SDI certification and Hugo seamlessly incorporated the in-water learning as part of the diving experience. I dove nitrox for 3 days and air for the last day. The variety of diving opportunities in the Playa del Carmen area is truly amazing, and with no prior experience in this area I relied heavily on Fernanda to put together a program and she delivered in spades. I did two dives near the Blue Life office in Playa, including one with bull sharks, the other a reef. The sharks were an amazing sight and not to be feared. We then did two dives in Akumal, which is famous for turtles. My wife and teenage daughter went snorkeling at the same time and had an amazing experience with Louis acting at a guide. On this dive we were joined by two friends who had limited diving experience, and one diver was pretty nervous after a bad experience during her open water course. Hugo ensured that these dives were flawless and memorable for all of us. FYI, Hugo also knows the absolute best taco stand in Mexico - seriously crazy good. Our third day were cenote (cave) dives at the Dos Ojos (two eyes) site. Truly a great experience, but may not be suitable if you are claustrophobic. This dive needs good buoyancy control so best to do this after a couple open water dives if you are a bit rusty. Transportation was all handled by Blue Life. This was just myself and Hugo, and was another great day. The fourth day was truly amazing - diving the wall in Cozumel. Blue Life took care of all ferry transportation from Playa, and transfer to the marina on Cozumel. This trip included a group of 6 divers and Hugo. We were joined at the boat by the captain and a second dive master/mate so there was plenty of staff per customer. There are very strong currents in this area and the safety briefing was thorough and showed that Blue Life had significant experience in this area. I had requested pricing and information from several other dive shops in Playa del Carmen, and what set Blue Life apart was Fernanda taking the time to put a package together with a set price schedule that was easy to understand. I only provided the basic outline of the sites I wanted to dive (cenote, sharks, the Wall). All of the other shops just sent me a price list and told me to pick things. Blue Life had an excellent web site which allowed me to research the itinerary and Fernanda got the itinerary right on the first draft - no changes needed!

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    Good fun and brilliant service I really enjoyed diving with Blue Life. The arrangement was really nicely done ny Fernanda on forehand and I found Blue Life flexible with timing and payment setup. It was great dun diving with Frank - although we thought we would have to leave without seeing any bull sharks. But at last we were lucky. A second dive on a wreck was great too and I can really recommend the company for diving in the Playa del Carmen waters. /Malin

  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great dive shop, super friendly staff! My husband and I went to Playa del Carmen for New Year holidays, and our goal was to dive as much as possible. We picked Blue Life because of its good review here on TripAdvisor and we weren\'t disappointed! The staff and instructors were super friendly,and did everything they could to arrange the dives as we wished. We dove two days in Cozumel, one in Playa del Carmen, including the bull shark dive, and Fernanda even arranged three dives at the Cenotes on January 1st, when most dive shops are closed. We highly recommend Blue Life! We had a wonderful experience and are looking forward to diving with them again!

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent team in an incredible location... I was a solo traveller to Playa in Nov 15 staying at the Riu Yucatan, looking to move from being a just-trained Open Water Diver to being a Rescue Diver. Over the space of the two weeks, Sarah successfully took me through the Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Emergency First Responder and Rescue Diver courses, making me a much better Diver along the way! As I hadn\'t dived since my Open Water almost a year previously, we started with some easier shallow dives (albeit on some rather rough seas... as it was my first ocean dive I quickly learn that little boats and rough seas make for a rather seasick diver!). It was a short 100m walk from the Shop to the boat pickup, although I still struggle to carry two tanks... The training aspects took place in various areas including the Playa Reefs, a nearby cenote for the confined aspects, and Akumal (with a rather large turtle being spotted resting on the reef!). The EFR course took place at the shop and was a useful exercise in preparing for if something goes wrong whilst on your Dives. The Rescue course was certainly different to the other course, with the focus being on both looking after yourself whilst Diving, being able to identify problems before they happen both with yourself and other divers, and being able to help when things go wrong. The most important part of these courses for me was that it was one-to-one throughout, giving the best chance of picking everything up and going over the more challenging aspects a couple of times. After completing the courses, I signed up to a three-day dive package including two dives at Dos Ojos (a Cenote close to Tulum), two dives over at Cozumel, and two dives on the Playa Reefs. The Dos Ojos dives led by Hugo, were incredible to see and thanks to those dives, I intend to return next year to undertake the Cavern diving course (not sure if Cave diving is really for me just yet!). a 10 minute drive from the main road through the jungle before finally entering the clearing and finding the caven entrance. The two dives took different routes with the first leading to the bat cave. The next two dives at Cozumel were the toughest, purely because of the need to be at the ferry port by 7.30am - the rest of the day was a breeze! Sarah met me at the port and we took the ferry over (about 45min and a pretty smooth ride - albeit with pretty cheesy adverts throughout). Upon arriving, we took a quick taxi over to the marina and were met by our boat for the day and the other divers. The Reefs at Cozumel are on a whole different level to those at Playa, with much larger formations and arches to swim under and around. A deep dive against the wall with the deep blue on one side and the coral formations on the other is a great experience! The final Dives were back on the Playa Reefs with Dive one being on the wreck! This was my first wreck dive and whilst the strong current made it a serious workout, it was a great wreck to see! Dive two... Throughout the trip I\'d been pestering Sarah because I wanted to see the Bull Sharks, however as my trip was quite early in the month, they hadn\'t yet arrived. As a last minute change of plan, for the final dive of my trip, we\'d be looking to see if they\'d arrived yet! Whilst most of the dive sites are quite far out, the sharks like to congregate surprisingly close to the hotel complexes... We descended down and waited a few minutes. At first, I thought we were going to be let down, but then shadows in the distance were spotted (and the Jaws theme started playing in my head). We stayed in a tight group as the 7/8 large Bull Sharks approached and started circling us. 30 minutes later it was time to ascend after a Dive experience that will stay with me forever! And most importantly, I kept all limbs. Sarah was an excellent instructor and somehow put up with all of my questions (seriously... a LOT of questions) throughout! I\'ll definitely be returning next year to Cavern dive, and hopefully look to start my Dive Master after that.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5


    Extremely dedicated dive team I don\'t even know where to begin. I contacted Bluelife prior to arriving in Playa Del Carmen. Fank who answered took the time to explain the type of diving available in the area and answered my questions. He suggested the two most interesting Cenotes to dive and advised me to send a request via email to Sarah. Sarah responded promptly to my requests and booked me for two days, one for two cenotes and the other for two tank ocean dives. First day I dove with William who was very helpful with location information and suggested to head out to see Bull sharks. We had wonderful dive with bull sharks which have not let the area yet. Second day was spent diving Cenotes with Hugo who is very knowledgeable and patient. I highly highly recommend this dive operation for anyone who wats to throughly enjoy diving in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great diving & crew Just back from Mexico and 4 days of diving (in total 10 dives) with a Blue Life and DM Pete. I have had one, if not the best dive experience in my life. I booked through Karla at Blue Life 4 days of diving, including Cenote, Cozumel & Bull shark. The superb communication between Karla and myself before my arrival and the great support from my dive buddy / dive master Pete made this an incredible diving experience. When (not if!) I come back, I\'ll make sure to dive with you again!

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