Cenotes Angelita & Car Wash

Haloclines, deep cenotes, and an incredible cavern!

$220.00 $209.00

Duration: 5 -7 hours

Experience Level: Advanced Open Water Diver or 25 Dives

Dive Type: Cenote/Cavern

What's included? The trip includes 2 tanks, weights, snacks, water, park entrance, and a great guide that is at least Instructor and Full Cave certified.

Cenote Angelita is located a few minutes south of Tulum and about one hour from Playa del Carmen and is great for advanced divers. This site is more of a sinkhole than a cavern as there is very little overhead environment. It is among divers’ favorites because of an incredible phenomenon that occurs at about 100ft/30mt. At that depth, there is a very dense cloud of hydrogen sulfide which looks like chocolate milk. At about 110ft/33mt, you will be below the cloud in crystal clear salt water but there is no sunlight since it is completely absorbed by the cloud. The experience is very unique and mind-blowing.

Cenote Aktun Ha is better known as Car Wash, named so because Tulum taxi drivers used to wash their vehicles in the cenote, because they could drive right up to the water level. This makes for a very easy entrance into the water for divers. The most popular section of the cavern is the upstream route, since it has large, chestnut-colored columns. The open water area has lots of beautiful vegetation and freshwater fish and as you swim towards the cavern you will see a large fallen tree. The sunlight coming through the roots create an amazing light show when looking back to the open water from the cavern.

For certified cave divers, The Room of Tears is accessible from Car Wash, as it is located about a ten minute swim away, just past Cenote Zazil-Ha in Tulum. This room is thought of to be one of the true gems of the underwater cave world. To get to this amazing room, you have to find a secret jump line which only experienced guides know about. It is an exciting and visually rewarding dive.


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