Cenotes The Pit & Dos Ojos

By far our favorite cenote combination!

$220.00 $199.00

Duration: 5-7 Hours

Experience Level: Open Water with 10+ Dives

Dive Type: Cenote/Cavern

What's included? The trip includes 2 tanks, weights, snacks, water, park entrance, and a great guide that is at least Instructor and Full Cave certified.

Located very close to Tulum and only 40 minutes from Playa del Carmen, The Pit (video) is a dramatic site to see as the water level is a couple of stories below the outer rim of the cenote. From the surface looking down you can see the infinite abyss below. This site is deep, very deep, and therefore suitable for advanced divers, or those wishing to expand their deep diving experience. At about 100ft/30mt, there is a thin layer of hydrogen sulfide which looks like a thin white cloud. The Pit also has a huge cavern chamber with a ceiling and very large stalactites. That coupled with the crystal clear water makes for a site that will leave any diver in awe.

Very close to the Pit are the Dos Ojos Cenotes, meaning ‘Two Eyes’ in Spanish, where we will go for the second dive. The cenotes get their name from the 2 small openings that are very close to each other within the park. These holes are linked to each other and it is very easy to swim between them. The cavern dives at either the Barbie Line or the Bat Cave are some of the most famous in the entire area. The site is beautifully decorated and is also very popular amongst snorkelers. The average depth here is less than 30 ft/10 mt.


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