Full Cave Diver

Venture into the Mexican caves with our expert instructors!

$900.00 $849.00

Duration: 4 Days

Experience Level: Intro to Cave Diver

Dive Type: Cenotes/Cave

What's included? The course includes the student manual, transportation to/from Playa del Carmen or Tulum, equipment, certification (once you complete requirements), snacks, water, park entrance fees, and some great laughs (mostly from your instructor).

You can enroll in the Full Cave Diver Course Once you have completed Cavern Diver and Intro to Cave Diver through one of our TDI Instructors, you are ready for the final phase of your initial cave diver training. During the Full Cave Diver course you will dive some of the thousands of miles/kilometers of explored cave located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum and be tasked with advanced cave dive planning and execution. You will venture off the mainline and learn complex navigation techniques and how to always maintain a continuous guideline to your exit. You will also learn to safely navigate restrictions while penetrating much deeper into the cave systems than you have before. You will obtain the highest level of training and knowledge that you can reach related to cave diving, which will develop your awareness and dive skill.  Cave Diver will change you forever.  If you have not completed Cavern and Intro to Cave, we recommend the Full Cave Diver Package which includes this course and both of those.

The 4 day program consists of a minimum of 8 cave dives in some of the most worldwide known cave systems located in the Riviera Maya and a minimum total bottom time of 240 minutes but we will probably be underwater for more than double that amount of time. There is some theory and an exam, but most of the training will be practical. At this level, time in the water is the best way to learn new techniques. After this course, you will be ready to participate in Cave Sidemount Diver, a very advanced cave diving course for the very best.


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