PADI Nitrox Course

Longer bottom times.  Less surface time.  Feel great after.

$300.00 $199.00

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Experience Level: None

Dive Type: None

What's included? The courses include the student manual, certification (once you complete requirements), snacks, water, and Nitrox upgrades for all of your remaining dives with us.

The Nitrox Diver course is the world’s most popular and useful specialty diving certification.

Available in both Playa del Carmen and Tulum, it can be easily combined with any course or fun dives. We highly recommend it if you are participating in a multi day package like the Taste of the Riviera Maya Package and is an essential for any type of Cave Diver training. Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox allows for longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, and a bit more energy after diving than with normal air, giving you an overall more enriching diving experience.

The Enriched Air Nitrox course will cover the benefits and risks of diving with higher-oxygenated air, and how to properly analyze your personal gas with an oxygen analyzer. The theory portion of the course can be done online at home before you arrive in Mexico, or even after you leave. We believe this certification to be an essential for divers of any level. Almost all divers report feeling less tired after dives with Nitrox compared to air. We happily provide complimentary Nitrox 32 to all of our divers that complete the certification with us for your Playa and cenote dives, as well as all overhead environment training.

The program only takes a few hours to complete and there are no dives required. One of our professional instructors will show you the benefits and risks of using Nitrox and how to analyze the content of your tanks. You will receive a course manual for independent study and complete a final exam to meet certification requirements.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Brotman

    I did a Skill Refresh, PADI Advanced Open Water, SDI Enriched Air Nitrox, and Los Cenotes. Blue Life is safe, thorough, flexible, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily friendly. I obsessed over finding the perfect dive shop and Blue Life is it. Most of my dives were 1:1 but never more than 2:1. You will have an amazing time, see amazing things, become a better diver, and have friends for when you return. Much love to Andrea, Carolina, Hugo, Rodrigo, Sofia, and Steve.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Phil D

    Scuba course & Cenotes We just finished 4 days of scuba diving with blue life in playa del carmen. It was a fantastic experience due to the fact that there is such a diverse amount of wildlife and geological wonders in this area. I am already advanced open water qualified and my girlfriend decided to become advanced certified on this trip. We corresponded with Andrea from the office way in advance of our trip and she was responding to all of our emails (of which there were many) very quickly and accurately, we knew exactly what to expect and how much things would cost before we arrived. It is also very easy to pay online or in cash during your stay. The advanced course was taken by Steve and we can honestly say that he is one of the best scuba instructors we have both come across! He is so knowledgable and aware of all the correct procedures that you will come away such a better diver. He was also able to spot almost anything that was hiding under the water for us to see. Thank you Steve! We chose to dive in both playa del carmen’s reef and took the speed boat over to Cozumel (an island just off the coast with a protected nature reserve) if you have the choice make sure you go over there as it is worth the extra cost. We also took a day doing two dives in... We just finished 4 days of scuba diving with blue life in playa del carmen. It was a fantastic experience due to the fact that there is such a diverse amount of wildlife and geological wonders in this area. I am already advanced open water qualified and my girlfriend decided to become advanced certified on this trip. We corresponded with Andrea from the office way in advance of our trip and she was responding to all of our emails (of which there were many) very quickly and accurately, we knew exactly what to expect and how much things would cost before we arrived. It is also very easy to pay online or in cash during your stay. The advanced course was taken by Steve and we can honestly say that he is one of the best scuba instructors we have both come across! He is so knowledgable and aware of all the correct procedures that you will come away such a better diver. He was also able to spot almost anything that was hiding under the water for us to see. Thank you Steve! We chose to dive in both playa del carmen’s reef and took the speed boat over to Cozumel (an island just off the coast with a protected nature reserve) if you have the choice make sure you go over there as it is worth the extra cost. We also took a day doing two dives in the cenotes, which are huge fresh water caverns in the jungle. This was an amazing experience as neither of us had dived in fresh water or in a cavern, the sunlight filtering through is beautiful, if you already love diving in the sea, this is not to be missed. Our guide for this day was Lucca a very experienced cave diver from Italy, he was not only a very knowledgeable diver who made us feel at ease, but also knew a lot about the local area and gave us info on other excursions we might like, he was also a very funny guy, highly recommended. My girlfriend was pretty scared about being in the cavern and he made sure she felt safe at all times. Cheers Lucca! We also did our Nitrox certification whilst we were there and Blue Life made it easy for us, we will be diving nitrox a lot in future. The only bit of feedback on the negative side at all was that on our first day it had not been communicated to the instructors that we would do the nitrox course and so we missed out on the first day diving nitrox, although there had been a storm just before we arrived so it could explain the slight lapse in organisation, as everything else was great. In summary we would highly recommend blue life and all of its staff & instructors for making sure we had an amazing scuba experience!! More

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lloyd G

    Amazing dives with amazing dive shop in Playa Del Carmen I recently completed my PADI Advanced Open Water and Nitrox courses with Blue Life and had a fantastic time. Andrea was really helpful arranging everything, and Scuba Steve really was a great instructor for my Advanced Open Water course. I did the refresher, followed by 5 AOW ocean dives in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel and I really appreciate Andrea and Steve organising a Shipwreck dives as one of these. I couldn\'t miss out on the opportunity to dive in a cenote, so a couple of days later I returned to Blue Life to complete my Nitrox course diving in Dos Ojos with William. Another great experience and completely different from the other dives. I went with Blue Life because of the great TripAdvisor recommendations, and I\'d 100% recommend Blue Life too!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Xin W

    Great diving Vale was an awesome instructor and Andrea was very helpful with our booking process, she even helped with airbnb booking.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carlos C.

    Great Diving with Blue Life! After deciding I wanted to learn how to cave dive, and after contacting almost every dive shop between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, I decided to sign up for side mount, nitrox, taste of the riviera Maya, and cavern+intro to cave with Blue Life. Looking back, it was one of the greatest decisions I\'ve made since beginning to SCUBA dive! The staff at Blue Life is one of the most professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful group of divers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Hugo, who led my and uncle and I through side mount, took us to some awesome cenotes and made sure we were going at a pace that was conducive to our experience levels. Blue Life overall does a great job of ensuring that you know what you\'re doing before moving on; they don\'t try to rush you through training so they can move on to other clients. They warmly welcome you into their family and help you learn! After side mount, I did taste of the riviera Maya with Steve and Daniel, really enjoying the expertise and experience of our two guides. I can\'t wait to dive with them again!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ava B

    Best Dive Family in Mexico! I am a 17 year old diver and on my trip with Blue Life, I was getting my Nitrox and Side-Mount certifications. Before we even made it to Mexico, Blue Life was beyond helpful with my education and my online work. They worked easily and efficiently to help me get all my paperwork arranged, and when I showed up at the shop they gave me a warm welcome like I had already dove with them before. Their dive sites were beyond beautiful. My first dives were in the cenotes (my first freshwater dives!) and Hugo was amazingly patient and caring as I struggled with Side-Mount. When my goggles wouldn\'t clear underwater, he gave me his. And when I mentioned how much I wanted a shark dive, they arranged it so I could go on one the next day! Every member of the Blue Life staff is amazing, friendly, and welcoming. They are so trustworthy my mom let me dive alone for the first time, and had no worries the following dives after that (Which is saying something, as I\'m sure other parents know)! I am so excited for my next trip to Mexico purely because I can\'t wait to dive with Blue Life again, for hopefully many many years to come. If you\'re thinking about diving, choose Blue Life!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Safety is their main priority Having visited a lot of dive companies over the last 20 years you can tell who is safe and organized, and who isn\'t! It took me a year to pluck up the courage to even think about diving in the Cenotes, and it was obviously very important to choose a company whose values aligned with ours. We have been diving with Blue Life almost every month since January, slowly building our skills towards a cave certification. Sidemount, nitrox and cave diving were all new to us, and Blue Life has dedicated amazing staff to teach us, (patiently) the skills we need to safely, and confidentally cave dive. We didn\'t walk in as dive superstars, and they have not let us progress too quickly, simply to hand out a certificate, (which is important). I\'m sure there are plenty of places out there that will just hand out cards to people who don\'t have the skills. This area of Mexico is the best place to experience cave diving, so take advantage of it if you plan to visit. Big shout out to Hugo, Mauro, Frank, Sarah, Fernanda, Matthias, Veronica and **sorry I forgot the girl\'s name from Costa Rica :-( ..... see you all soon!!!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike M

    Crazy Good Diving with Amazing team I went for 4 days of diving with the Blue Life team, with the planning done by Fernanda and Alex, and Hugo leading the dives. I took several courses for the Advanced SDI certification and Hugo seamlessly incorporated the in-water learning as part of the diving experience. I dove nitrox for 3 days and air for the last day. The variety of diving opportunities in the Playa del Carmen area is truly amazing, and with no prior experience in this area I relied heavily on Fernanda to put together a program and she delivered in spades. I did two dives near the Blue Life office in Playa, including one with bull sharks, the other a reef. The sharks were an amazing sight and not to be feared. We then did two dives in Akumal, which is famous for turtles. My wife and teenage daughter went snorkeling at the same time and had an amazing experience with Louis acting at a guide. On this dive we were joined by two friends who had limited diving experience, and one diver was pretty nervous after a bad experience during her open water course. Hugo ensured that these dives were flawless and memorable for all of us. FYI, Hugo also knows the absolute best taco stand in Mexico - seriously crazy good. Our third day were cenote (cave) dives at the Dos Ojos (two eyes) site. Truly a great experience, but may not be suitable if you are claustrophobic. This dive needs good buoyancy control so best to do this after a couple open water dives if you are a bit rusty. Transportation was all handled by Blue Life. This was just myself and Hugo, and was another great day. The fourth day was truly amazing - diving the wall in Cozumel. Blue Life took care of all ferry transportation from Playa, and transfer to the marina on Cozumel. This trip included a group of 6 divers and Hugo. We were joined at the boat by the captain and a second dive master/mate so there was plenty of staff per customer. There are very strong currents in this area and the safety briefing was thorough and showed that Blue Life had significant experience in this area. I had requested pricing and information from several other dive shops in Playa del Carmen, and what set Blue Life apart was Fernanda taking the time to put a package together with a set price schedule that was easy to understand. I only provided the basic outline of the sites I wanted to dive (cenote, sharks, the Wall). All of the other shops just sent me a price list and told me to pick things. Blue Life had an excellent web site which allowed me to research the itinerary and Fernanda got the itinerary right on the first draft - no changes needed!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great small diving store I used this store in a couple of cenote dives earlier this year, and also got certified in Nitrox with them. My experience was very good. I had to rent material since I didn\'t bring any with me and it was good of quality and condition, including dive computers, etc. I will use them again in my next visit to the area. Recommended.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ken T

    Great Company & Experience I recently completed my open water certification and Nitrox certification with Blue Life. I chose them based on the number of fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor and can happily confirm their rating is absolutely accurate. Fernanda was extremely responsive in all aspects of communication both prior to and during the course. All logistics were on point throughout! Sarah took care of my open water dives and was simply amazing. She was extremely safety concious and a great teacher. Additionally she helped with my first dive nerves - I couldn\'t believe that by the 3rd dive my confidence had grown enormously and I was able to perform the skills and enjoy the beautiful reefs without worry. I\'d highly recommend Blue Life for diving in Playa Del Carmen - I\'ll certainly be diving with them again when I next visit.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vibhu M

    Cenote diving dream come true 2 thumbs up to Blue Life for organizing three days of cenote diving for my husband and I. Fernanda was quick at responding to email and most communication was done online. We booked 6 months in advance as we knew we were coming at high season. We did the Nitrox course online and got certified at Blue Life. We also got hotel pickups arranged which were always on time and direct to the cenotes. Wonderful service! Sarah and Hugo are excellent and knowledgeable dive masters. I had a lot of trouble with equalization and they were very patient with me. My husband and I are vegetarians and we were taken to a delicious taco stand each day for lunch. Authentic and delicious! We dove Dos Ojos, Calavera, Car Wash, The Pit and Taj Ma Ha. Notes for travelers: the bathrooms are Eco toilets with no toilet paper in most cases. The roads are very bumpy and through a jungle. Bring Gravol for weak tummies!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Dive Trip and Training! We used Blue Life due to the Tripadvisor reviews, and were not disappointed. While the weather conspired to keep us from diving with the bulls, we did end up going to Cozumel, which was fantastic. Many thanks to Sarah for training me on nitrox (and Blue Life for certifying me), and to Valentina, la piba charrua, for serving as our dive master that day (and keeping a hawk\'s eye on my father, who had trouble with his bouyancy). And especially to Fernanda, who helped us plan and determine our dives, and had the patience to work with us during weather delays. Our dives couldn\'t have been better - I highly recommend Blue Life for your Cozumel dive! I have no constructive criticism to offer Blue Life, and hope that I will get back to QR soon, to do the Cozumel wall again, and hopefully the bulls and a cenote. Many thanks for being a highlight of our vacation. Very Respectfully, Luke

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent team in an incredible location... I was a solo traveller to Playa in Nov 15 staying at the Riu Yucatan, looking to move from being a just-trained Open Water Diver to being a Rescue Diver. Over the space of the two weeks, Sarah successfully took me through the Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Emergency First Responder and Rescue Diver courses, making me a much better Diver along the way! As I hadn\'t dived since my Open Water almost a year previously, we started with some easier shallow dives (albeit on some rather rough seas... as it was my first ocean dive I quickly learn that little boats and rough seas make for a rather seasick diver!). It was a short 100m walk from the Shop to the boat pickup, although I still struggle to carry two tanks... The training aspects took place in various areas including the Playa Reefs, a nearby cenote for the confined aspects, and Akumal (with a rather large turtle being spotted resting on the reef!). The EFR course took place at the shop and was a useful exercise in preparing for if something goes wrong whilst on your Dives. The Rescue course was certainly different to the other course, with the focus being on both looking after yourself whilst Diving, being able to identify problems before they happen both with yourself and other divers, and being able to help when things go wrong. The most important part of these courses for me was that it was one-to-one throughout, giving the best chance of picking everything up and going over the more challenging aspects a couple of times. After completing the courses, I signed up to a three-day dive package including two dives at Dos Ojos (a Cenote close to Tulum), two dives over at Cozumel, and two dives on the Playa Reefs. The Dos Ojos dives led by Hugo, were incredible to see and thanks to those dives, I intend to return next year to undertake the Cavern diving course (not sure if Cave diving is really for me just yet!). a 10 minute drive from the main road through the jungle before finally entering the clearing and finding the caven entrance. The two dives took different routes with the first leading to the bat cave. The next two dives at Cozumel were the toughest, purely because of the need to be at the ferry port by 7.30am - the rest of the day was a breeze! Sarah met me at the port and we took the ferry over (about 45min and a pretty smooth ride - albeit with pretty cheesy adverts throughout). Upon arriving, we took a quick taxi over to the marina and were met by our boat for the day and the other divers. The Reefs at Cozumel are on a whole different level to those at Playa, with much larger formations and arches to swim under and around. A deep dive against the wall with the deep blue on one side and the coral formations on the other is a great experience! The final Dives were back on the Playa Reefs with Dive one being on the wreck! This was my first wreck dive and whilst the strong current made it a serious workout, it was a great wreck to see! Dive two... Throughout the trip I\'d been pestering Sarah because I wanted to see the Bull Sharks, however as my trip was quite early in the month, they hadn\'t yet arrived. As a last minute change of plan, for the final dive of my trip, we\'d be looking to see if they\'d arrived yet! Whilst most of the dive sites are quite far out, the sharks like to congregate surprisingly close to the hotel complexes... We descended down and waited a few minutes. At first, I thought we were going to be let down, but then shadows in the distance were spotted (and the Jaws theme started playing in my head). We stayed in a tight group as the 7/8 large Bull Sharks approached and started circling us. 30 minutes later it was time to ascend after a Dive experience that will stay with me forever! And most importantly, I kept all limbs. Sarah was an excellent instructor and somehow put up with all of my questions (seriously... a LOT of questions) throughout! I\'ll definitely be returning next year to Cavern dive, and hopefully look to start my Dive Master after that.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    5 star service My daughter and I were incredibly fortunate to visit Playa Del Carmen and dive with Hugo September 15-18th. We were treated like royalty as we dove the Playa reef, Cozumel and the epic Dos Ojos Cenote. The outfit they teamed up with on Cozumel Blue Magic Scuba had a fast little dive boat that flew by the others and put us on the spot first. If ever I wished I had a movie of a dive it was drifting the crystal clear waters of that spectacular wall. I spotted a lifetime giant lobster duo of at least 20 pounds each saw a huge nurse shark rolling in the sand and never ending schools of thousands of beautiful fish. Dos Ojos was a dive I also highly recommend although I did have a little trepidation to begin with and even though the jungle is hot and humid be sure and bring that 5 mil full suit because after 2 nice long dives in the ethereal gin clear waters I was a little chilly in just a shorty and hood. I am forever grateful that Hugo and Simon helped haul our gear down I don\'t think I could have done it other wise. To top it off we got our Nitrox cert thanks to Sarah and Hugo and all the other people I\'m sure are helping behind the scenes! Thanks again, we\'ll be back!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Experience!! With over 100 dive operaters in Playa, it\'s tough to choose. However, I would definitely recommend Blue Life. I was staying in Playa for 2 months and wanted to get back into diving. It had been over 5 years since I last dived. I had contacted another competing outfit first, but their follow up was poor. In contrast, Sarah at Blue Life was fantastic about communicating and following up throughout the 3 dive outings I did with them (i.e. I did their 3 dive package .. Playa reef dive, Cozumel drift dive, and Cenote dive at Dos Ojos which is a great offering). I did a morning refresher at a training pool with Hugo and then an afternoon Playa reef dive. A couple of weeks later (Blue Life was great about being flexible about scheduling) I did a fantastic Cenote dive (my first) at Dos Ojos on Saturday, and then a spectacular drift cliff dive off Cozumel. For two of 3 dives, it was just Hugo and myself, and the dive off Cozumel was myself and 3 other divers. On all 3 days of diving Blue Life was courteous, on-time, great about communicating and following up, professional and made sure the outings were fun experiences. In addition to the 3 dives, I also go my Nitrox certification with Blue Life. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone (new divers or old) who want a great diving experience in the Playa del Carmen area.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah P

    Beyond amazing!! I am so lucky to have found blue life on trip advisor. I read the great reviews and took a chance and wow! Cenotes. Night diving. Nitrox. Everything you desire and things you never knew you desired!!! Ha. William was an expert guide and he went out of his way to make sure I was safe and had everything I needed. The entire staff is great ( so likable and knowledgable). Thank you for the best memories. I hope to return soon!!!! I\'m telling my friends...

  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome Diving Not realizing our resort had a dive shop, we arranged to dive with Blue Life on our recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, and we are SO glad we did! We originally booked a 5-dive package; three cenote dives and two dives in Cozumel. When the dive days came, Willian picked us up at our resort right on time (apologizing for being 3 minutes late because of some issues with our hotel staff), we picked up our equipment, two other divers, and our tanks, and we were on our way. We had such a great first day diving with Willian in the cenotes (and getting our nitrox certs) that we ended up adding on another dive for the second day, so we did 2 Cozumel dives and another cenote, Cenote Zapote. That last cenote dive was not cheap, but it was 100% worth it, so if you get the chance, take it. It\'s a once in a lifetime kind of dive, and even the guys we dove with who had much, much more experience than we did said the same. Willian took awesome care of us, made sure we were comfortable and happy at every step, and just really went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time diving and pushing our skill level just a little further than we had before, with great success. We enjoyed our Cozumel dives with Pancho as well, but the group was much larger and we didn\'t get as much of a chance to hang out with him, whereas we were driving around with Willian for 2 days. If you\'re in the area and looking to dive, dive with Blue Life. From setting everything up over email to the dives themselves to extra stuff we didn\'t anticipate doing, every part of it was awesome from start to finish. This is the kind of dive shop that spoils you for diving through less organized, less friendly resort shops.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great experience with Bluelife team / Wilian our divemaster Spent the week diving with Wilian in the cenotes and the ocean - we had an absolute blast! Karla and Frank organised everything before arrival and kept checking on us throughout the week. They advised us on hotels before the trip and adapted our diving schedule when we caught the cenotes bug, culminating with the pit and dos ojos on our last day. Wilian is a great divemaster, taking us trough the nitrox course on day 2 then showing us his passion for exploration in the cenotes for the rest of the week.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cortney B

    Very Fun & Accommodating We did 4 dives with Blue Life in May. There were 4 of us- 3 certified & 1 that wasn\'t. I wanted to make sure we had fun, stayed safe & weren\'t limited by my sister\'s lack of certification. (ha!) Frank & Karla were so accommodating and made it all work be sending 2 dive guides with us. We had a private boat off Akumal and all of us had an amazing time. Pete even helped us get the practical portion of our Nitrox certification. My only regret is that we didn\'t schedule more dives with them during our visit.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    An outstanding instructor I had the pleasure of taking the TDI Advanced Nitrox and Stage Deco class from Frank. Over the 5 days of diving with him I learned so much and took away an incredible amount. Because the weather was bad offshore, and Frank being Cavern/Cave instructor we were able to do our dives in the cenotes. Really interesting. I would highly recommend Blue Life and will definitely use them when I visit Playa again. Thanks Frank.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sebastian U

    Advance Nitrox and Decompression Procedures I did the advance nitrox and decompression procedures course with Frank and Blue Life, the outcome and experience was great. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and prepared, qualities that made my learning experience extremely easy going and enjoyable. Frank\'s love for diving, was contagious and I look forward to continue my diving education with Blue Life and Frank. soon I hope I can go for my Trimix, cave and Sidemount certifications. I Highly recommend Frank and Blue Life.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great training and fun! I did advanced nitrox and decompression procedures with Frank and it was a great experience. He\'s a great instructor and I highly recommend him for your technical diving certifications. I look forward to doing trimix training with him in the future.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eduardo L

    Miami Advance Nitrox and Decompression Procedures So me and 2 other friends of mine did both Advance Nitrox and Deco procedures with Blue Life. Initially when i began my search for a technical diving instructor i turned to online dive community forums to search for someone that was competent and skilled at the level of diving i wanted to do and did it at a frequent basis. i interviewed Frank Gutierrez about doing the class and knew i found the guy. From the before the beginning of the class Frank has been laying down great deals of information and answered all the questions i could possible have asked him. Scheduling the class was also very smooth even when trying to match 4 peoples schedules (class was not done on vacation). I felt the Frank had structured the class according to our needs as divers as well as the type of diving we had available in our area. He also made understanding the course marital theory and dive planing very easy and helped us out when we would make mistakes. In addition, he also provides real world experiences with the procedures taught in the class. Pointing out things that seem minor or trivial that have the potential of becoming problematic. From the start to the end of the class there was a drastic improvement in our ability to do the dives and all the task loading. Take a look at the before and after dive profiles i attached, notice the improvement in controlling deco stops and accent rates. Overall, im am very pleased with my experience with Frank and Blue Life, and feel that I defiantly took a lot of useful information from the class that will help me take my diving to new levels and accomplish future goals. Im very much looking forward to do more training with Frank. Hopefully Cave and Sidemount ;)

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