Open Water Diver Course

Learn to dive today with one of Blue Life’s pro instructors.


Duration: 2-3 Days

Experience Level: None

Dive Type: Ocean/Cenotes

What's included? The course includes the Student Manual, equipment, certification (once you complete requirements), snacks, water, park entrance/boat fees, and a gigantic sense of accomplishment.

The SDI or PADI Open Water Diver Course is the most successful and most popular beginner course worldwide for recreational diving. You will learn about equipment, basic dive theory, and the necessary skills to dive safely. We recommend that you complete the theory through PADI or SDI eLearning online so that you can study in the comfort of your home at your own pace. You can do this before you get to Playa del Carmen or Tulum, so that you don’t cut into your vacation time doing homework.

The first time you enter the water will be in the comfort and safety of our pool or shallow water dive site. This will enable you to become familiar with the equipment and practice the skills and techniques necessary for going out into the ocean or open water cenote. Once we finish the shallow water portion, you will be ready for the open water. The water here is clear, calm, shallow, and perfect for your first open water experience. The dives will usually be conducted on the beautiful Caribbean reefs offshore from Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or Akumal, allowing you to see the marine life in the Mexican Caribbean. You may also complete a few of your dives in Casa Cenote (video) or Cenote Jardin del Eden, giving you an opportunity to be witness the fresh water dive sites that are very unique to this area.  This certification will enable you to dive with a buddy, anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 60ft/18m.

Our favorite way to teach this course is in the Scuba 101: Beginner Diver Package.  The package will give you the complete Open Water Diver Course.  Then after your course is complete, you get 2 additional fun dives in Playa del Carmen and another 2 cavern dives in Cenote Chikin Ha.  After you are done with Open Water, you should participate in the Advanced Open Water Diver Course to have even more fun underwater by seeing things like the Mama Viña shipwreck.

Sample Course Schedule with eLearning

Day 1
8 am – 12 pm – Confined/Shallow Water Dives
1 pm – 5 pm – 2 Open Water Dives on shallow reefs or Casa Cenote.

Day 2
8 am – 12 pm –Confined/Shallow Water Dives
1 pm – 5 pm – 2 Open Water Dives, course closing, and instant certification.

Sample Schedule without eLearning

Day 1
8 am – 12 pm – Introduction and Dive Theory
1 pm – 5 pm –Confined/Shallow Water Dives

Day 2
8 am – 12 pm – Dive Theory
1 pm – 5 pm – First 2 Open Water Dives on the shallow reefs or Casa Cenote.

Day 3
8 am – 12 pm – Dive Theory and Exam
12 pm – 5 pm – Last 2 Open Water dives on the reefs and course closing and instant certification.


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