Playa del Carmen Reefs

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Duration: 4-5 Hours

Experience Level: Open Water

Dive Type: Ocean

What's included? The trip includes 2 tanks, weights, snacks, water, park entrance/boat fees, and a great instructor.

Diving in Playa del Carmen is great for everyone in the family.  Playa del Carmen has a number of terrace reefs located directly in front of its beaches. Although just a stone’s throw from the shore, all sites are accessed by boats, to avoid swimming through boat traffic. The current is typically moving north, but is significantly stronger at some sites, providing varying levels of difficulty for the sites.

During the winter, a population of female Bull Sharks make their way to the waters of Playa; attracted by the cool fresh water streams coming into the ocean from the cenotes. You can visit the Mama Viña wreck, Tortugas reef, or the shallow reefs of Moc Che or Jardines.  There is something for everyone in the area.

The boats leave the beach at 8:15 am or 12:45 pm and you will be back about 4 hours later.  We usually take you out for the first dive after a 10-20 minute boat ride to the site.  Then we will take a 30-60 minute relaxing surface interval to let some of the Nitrogen out of our bodies.  After that, we will go on the second (usually shallower) dive.


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