Sidemount Diver

More comfort, more air.

$600.00 $499.00

Duration: 2-3 Days

Experience Level: Open Water

Dive Type: Ocean/Cenotes

What's included? The course includes the student manual, transportation to/from Playa del Carmen or Tulum, equipment, certification (once you complete requirements), snacks, water, park entrance fees, and some awkward moments in the water as you get used to the new gear.

The  Sidemount Diver course at Blue Life was developed and written by one of our founders, Frank Gutierrez. During the theory portion of the course you will learn about the history of Sidemount diving, as well as its current role in the diving world. After the short classroom presentation we will look at equipment options and get you fitted so that you are comfortable. We use top of the line WSX-25 APEX harnesses and APEKS XTX 50 regulators for all students.

During the confined water or pool dives you will practice using the new equipment in shallow water near our Playa del Carmen or Tulum location. We will also work on your buoyancy, kicking, and some emergency drills. Once you are comfortable with the equipment and its use, we will head to a reef or an open water cenote for 2 more dives where you can practice with your new gear. During the dives, you will experience the comfort and streamlining of the equipment configuration. At first, you will feel like you are missing some equipment because you will be a much more efficient swimmer.  The sidemount equipment configuration also opens a ton of doors into technical or overhead environment diving.


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