Whale Shark Snorkel

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Duration: 5-7 Hours - June 15th - September 15th

Experience Level: None

Dive Type: Ocean/Snorkeling

What's included? The adventure includes transportation from Playa del Carmen, equipment, snacks, water, park entrance/boat fees, and tons of smiles.

June 15th – September 15th

Gather up the family and join us for a once-in-lifetime swim or snorkel with the amazing Whale Shark, the world’s largest fish! Very little is known about the migratory patterns of the majestic Whale Shark, but every summer, large numbers of them congregate in the nutrient-rich waters off the coast of the Cancun, Mexico to feed on microscopic plankton. Though great in size, they pose no threat to humans, giving us the unique opportunity to peacefully swim along side these incredible sharks and view them in their natural habitat. The Whale Sharks are in the waters between and around Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and Cancun from early June to mid-September, so be sure to make this trip a part of your summer vacation! The boat leaves from Cancun which is about 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen or 90 minutes from Tulum.


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