What I need to pass the Open Water Diver course?

happy scuba divers during their diving course on Cozumel

Records and challenges are set for only one thing, to overcome them. It is impossible not to remember milestones such as the arrival of man on the moon or can you imagine the sensation of discovery of those who saw for the first time the vestiges of ancient civilizations? You may experience something similar when you venture to know the ocean a bit deeper, diving in open waters.

People who decide to practice diving in open waters have the great advantage of becoming one with the ecosystem. Taking into account that you will be exposed to unusual conditions, correct breathing, position management and following your instincts can become your greatest allies.

Already in these scenarios we must be clear that there are certain points that must be followed so that your experience is not affected.

Choose a good climate to train
Despite what many enthusiasts say, not every day is good for diving. The excess of waves can complicate the arrival to the point of immersion and create underwater currents that can become dangerous.

Follow your instinct
There is something that on few occasions lies in the human being, it is about instinct, it warns us when we are in danger and helps to recognize the limits. When you are in the depths, do not ignore your own instincts, but we must recognize then and use them to our advantage.

Curious, but not so much
When we practice diving in open water, we feel like a child under the Christmas tree. We may be tempted to touch everything or collect things, but we must remember to be courteous and treat the underwater world as visitors.  Do not pet the animals or touch all the plants, they have their own defense mechanisms that may be harmful to us in return.

Move with intention
When we are under water, the movements are much more complicated due to buoyancy and increased resistance from the surrounding water.  We want to move slowly and deliberately, and always breathing with relaxation in mind.

Ascend with caution
Although you have already finished with your marine expedition, the return to the surface, should be slow, otherwise you could damage your body by the decrease of pressure.

Work in team
Open water diving is a sport that is enjoyed (and practiced) in a better way as a group. That is important to make sure all parties know the dive plan, practice clear underwater communication, and stay together at all times. As recreational divers, most importantly, remember that fun is the main reason to immerse yourself.

Required equipment

We must be clear that the right equipment is vital for the right experience below the water. The minimum equipment the divers need below the water is:

  • Neoprene suit.
  • Regulator.
  • Air tank.
  • Fins.
  • Mask.
  • BCD vest.
  • Weight System.

The maintenance of these pieces must be constant, remember that they are exposed to the sea, and that in many cases they could save our lives. Thorough care and maintenance to your dive equipment is crucial.

Open Water Diver Course

Open water training is the first step in becoming a diver. Mexico has one of the most beautiful places for this practice, Playa del Carmen, which year after year, attracts more tourists, thanks to its crystal clear waters and unbeatable conditions for the practice of this sport.

You will begin with the basics, and start out getting familiar with the equipment and how our bodies’ respond to being underwater and at pressure.  Then step by step you will progress, mastering each of your new found skills and building up to new ones, developing confidence as you go along.  You will be under the direct supervision of an experienced instructor, but after a day or two you will feel as if you are diving with a trusted friend, combing the reefs for oddities and wonders of the deep.  Your certification will feel like a great accomplishment, but it will be just the beginning of your new life as a diver.

So, let your doubts behind, the better way to know the ocean is here, you could be a open water diver.

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