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Dos Pisos

Dos Pisos, or Two Floors, is an incredible dive site. It is found just south of Tulum, within the Sian Ka’an national park. The entry into the cave is a bit small so we suggest diving the site in a sidemount configuration. Once inside, the passages become much larger. The site is overwhelming because the rocks and formations are very white, while the silt on the floor is a dark gray in some areas. After a very short swim, there is a secondary line that will take you to the Room of Roots, a very shallow room that has dozens of trees’ roots coming down through the ceiling creating a very unique wooden curtain. Deeper into the cave, you can see how two distinct tunnels were formed on top of each other at different times thought the history of the cave (hence the name). This dive is suitable for divers with excellent buoyancy and trim due to the fragile decorations and silt.

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