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This area of reef is divided into 3 different dive sites; Chun-zumbul, Shangri-la and the Snapper Cave. Because these sites are nice and shallow, on a sunny day you get lots of beautiful light throughout your dives. At the beginning of Chun-zumbel, you will find an algae garden that is the perfect place to see trumpetfish, Flamingo Tongues, and Yellow stingrays.  There are several fish cleaning stations in this area as well, where you can see parrotfish and angelfish getting cleaned by the Caribbean Cleaner Wrasse and Pederson Cleaner Shrimp. After the cleaning stations you will have arrived at the Secret Garden, where you can find lettuce, fan and brain corals as well as many varieties of sponges that make provide shelter for butterflyfish, Spotted drumfish, and damselfish. You can also find big schools of grunts, porkfish, snappers and many types of angelfish. At last you will arrive at the Snapper Cave, where schools of snappers that live all around the coral formations. In 2014, the Mexican government along with the Hyatt Hotel placed a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the middle of the sand at this site. At the end of this dive you will find an area where the coral is extremely healthy, followed by an algae garden that attracts many turtles.

Site Details

  • Depth 45 ft/ 13 m
  • Level All Levels
  • Type Snorkeling, Playa del Carmen
  • Prereqs Open Water Diver

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