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Right in front of Paradisus Hotel, this 350 m/1,050 ft long reef barrier is best known as a great site to look for little things. There are many little holes where you can find moray eels, king crabs, turtles and octopus.  Along the bottom there are many different types of algae, where with a little bit of luck and a keen eye you can find seahorses, pipehorses and Flamingo Tongues.  Close to the end of the dive there is a nice arch-shaped swim-through that is regularly covered by a curtain of fish that move away while you are approaching.  If you swim very slowly you can be completely surrounded.  The arch has a little cavern that has been home to several generation of Green Moray eels and groupers. You can keep on diving following the edge of the reef until you reach 5m/15ft where you can do your safety stop and ascent.  During calm days this site is perfect for taking pictures and spending a long time observing fish behavior. 

Site Details

  • Depth 50 ft/ 15 m
  • Level All Levels
  • Type Snorkeling, Playa del Carmen
  • Prereqs Open Water Diver

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