Cenotes Angelita & Taj Ma Ha

Incredible light beams in Cenote Taj Ma Ha.

$220.00 $209.00

Duration: 5-7 Hours

Experience Level: Advanced or 25 Logged Dives

Dive Type: Cenote/Cavern

What's included? The trip includes 2 tanks, weights, snacks, water, park entrance, and a great guide that is at least Instructor and Full Cave certified.

Cenote Angelita is located a few minutes south of Tulum and about one hour from Playa del Carmen and is great for advanced divers. This site is more of a sinkhole than a cavern as there is very little overhead environment. It is among divers’ favorites because of an incredible phenomenon that occurs at about 100ft/30mt. At that depth, there is a very dense cloud of hydrogen sulfide which looks like chocolate milk. At about 110ft/33mt, you will be below the cloud in crystal clear salt water but there is no sunlight since it is completely absorbed by the cloud. The experience is very unique and mind-blowing.

Taj Ma Ha Cenote is a great cavern dive located between Puerto Aventuras and Akumal which are about 20 minutes from Tulum or Playa del Carmen. This site is very popular amongst cavern divers because it offers a huge range of things to see. There are sections where you can observe the visual disturbance created when the layers of fresh and salt waters meet, called a halocline. When you dive to the point furthest from the cenote, you will find another beautiful sinkhole called Cenote Sugarbowl. Between the Sugarbowl and Taj Ma Ha cenotes there is a huge chamber that is only partially filled with water. There are a few cracks in the ceiling of this chamber which, between the months of May and September, allow beams of light to come down through the water, making the Points of Light Room a must see during the summer months. It is a great beginner site, but extra care needs to be taken to prevent damage to the fragile formations.

Chinese Garden Cave Dive

The Taj Ma Ha cenote has been popular among certified cave divers for years. The entrance to the cenote is incredibly beautiful. The dive begins on the permanently installed cavern line. When you dive to the point on the cavern line furthest from the cenote, you will find another beautiful sinkhole called Cenote Sugarbowl. Just passed Cenote Sugarbowl you will have to take a secret tunnel to reach the Chinese Garden. The towering decorations within the two chambers of the Garden are stunning.


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