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Deco Procedures/TEC 45 Diver

During the TDI Deco Procedures or PADI TEC 45 course you will be introduced to safely plan and perform decompression dives up to 150ft/45m using gases up to 100% oxygen. We will discuss the uses of enriched air and oxygen as decompression gases and get an in depth view of decompression theory and its software. Throughout your dives we will work on getting you comfortable with the procedures and problem solving skills needed to perform technical dives by executing several underwater exercises.

During training we will dive at least 4 times over 3 days with a couple of dives being deeper than 100ft/30m. Most divers choose to combine this program with the TDI Advanced Nitrox or PADI TEC 40 course to get a better understanding of technical diving. In order to ensure you receive personalized instructor attention, our maximum group size for this course is 3 students per instructor. Although the TDI and PADI courses are similar, there are some differences in standards/prerequisites. Prior to starting you can choose which course you want to follow and which certification card to receive. After this course, you will be ready to continue your training with the TDI Extended Range or PADI TEC 50 courses.

diver Course pricing includes all learning materials, certification fees, transportation during training, park entrance fees, snacks, water, and technical diving equipment. You are only responsible for: mask, fins, wet/dry suit, computers, and a sunny attitude!

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