Taste of the Riviera Maya Dive Package

6 dives over 3 days.  A little bit of everything.


Duration: 3 Days

Experience Level: Open Water

Dive Type: Ocean/Cenotes

What's included? The package includes 3 days of diving, 6 dives, park entrance/boat fees, transportation between the dive shop and the Cenotes, snacks, water, professional guide, and some fun!

There is a reason Taste of the Riviera Maya is our most popular dive package.  You get everything the area has to offer at an incredible price in just 3 days.  The package includes 2 dives in each: Cozumel Reefs, Playa del Carmen reefs, and the Chikin Ha Cenote.

The meetup point for this trip is our Playa del Carmen store.  

The Playa del Carmen reef dives are a good place to start.   You can visit the Mama Viña wreck, Tortugas reef, or the shallow reefs of Moc Che or Jardines.  There is something for everyone in the area.  The boats leave at 8:15 am or 12:45 pm and you will be back about 4 hours later.

Diving in Cozumel is known as some of the best in the Caribbean.  The Marine Park and dives sites like Palancar Reef, Santa Rosa, and the C-53 Wreck are all spectacular.  The current on Cozumel is always strong so all of our dives here are drift dives.

We have 2 options for diving on Cozumel. The first is to take the direct dive boat that leaves from our beach in Playa del Carmen at 8:30 am and goes straight to the dive site in Cozumel.  For the second option, one of our dive instructors will meet you at 9am and escort you to the Playa del Carmen/Cozumel ferry. Once in Cozumel, you will board the dive boat which is very close to the ferry terminal.  The direct boat will reduce your total trip time by about an hour, but dive boats in Mexico are small, and it can be a bumpy ride if it is windy.  If you are prone to sea sickness, we definitely recommend the ferry option.

Cenote Chikin Ha is a great place to get your first experience in the magical sinkholes of the Riviera Maya.  The area between Playa del Carmen and Tulum is full of holes in the ground, called Cenotes, that allow us to swim in the underground rivers.  The Chikin Ha Cenote has a large, half-moon shape with a large sloping ceiling and crystal clear water.  The cavern dive will take you through to Rainbow Cenote, where upon reaching a depth of 30ft/10m you will see an amazing halocline, where you can see the separation of fresh and salt water.  Always keep an eye towards the entrance for the spectacular light effects on sunny days.  We do not recommend the use of cameras (unless you are a pro) in cenotes because of the poor lighting and for safety reasons.

You can easily upgrade your Cenote dives to Dos Ojos or The Pit and Dos Ojos for a small fee that is definitely worth every penny!

If you are staying in Tulum, please arrange transportation to Playa del Carmen for the PDC reef dives and the Cozumel day.  We may be able to pick you up in Tulum town for the cenote dives.  


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